Dad turns into a hip-hop Zombie

Happy Father's day!

Deo has been working as a coach for the E3 Teen Father program through the New Hampshire Department of Education. The program focuses on helping the teen father graduate from school, gain employment and learn fatherhood competencies through individual personalize success plans. Deo helped design the implementation portion of the program through a partnership with the National Center of Competency Based Learning. Below are the outcomes of this program:

Improved co-parental relationship with the mother of their child and the improved ability to co-parenting
Increased satisfaction with their co-parent and an awareness of their own parenting philosophy;
Increased parenting and co-parenting skills;
Increased their involvement with their child;
Earned their high school diploma and the capacity to apply to an institute of higher education if desired;

Gained the experience to obtain a ‘living wage” position.

    • Effectively reach their goals by learning how to set goals;
    • Plan and follow through on self-determined tasks;
    • Understand their unique learning approach;
    • Be capable of utilizing their knowledge to successfully meet their educational goals;
    • Discover how their efforts and values connect to their goals and learning approach; and,
    • Identify resources in their network and tap into these resources to achieve their goals.