We Are All Human-Community Forum(After 2016 Election)

We Are All Human-Community Forum after 2016 election focused on how we were going to move forward after the 2016 election. We Are All Human—a community discussion on race and inclusion created by Deo—provides a positive environment to discuss race and cultural differences. To better understand how improvements can be made, participants get opportunities to express their concerns and ask each other questions. By helping participants to fully confront their biases, the program has had much success in facilitating engagement.We can make the world a better place if we can view those different from ourselves as equally human.

Deo Mwano serves a large community. Not just local, it spans the entire country. Drawing from often painful but instructive life experiences as well as an undergraduate and graduate education, Deo has much to offer to his community and your community. If you are interested to bring a We Are All Human event to your organization/community reach out to Deo by clicking on the contact.

Loss of ownership: Take it back! Are black NFL players up to something?

Loss of ownership: Take it back! Are black NFL players up to something?

How can a culture be so creative, authentic, original, and resourceful but lack the ability to shine beyond other cultures? When I say shine beyond other cultures, I am referring to self-sustainability and bargaining power. Black culture in America relies too much on white power and control.  Black culture lacks the ability to sustain itself because black leaders are too eager to preserve and value individual uniqueness instead of what binds us together.