Deo Mwano Consultancy

Deo Mwano is a social-impact innovator whose work is focused on education, technology, business, community and individual development. His unique talents and experiences make him highly versatile and adaptable to working with different types of individuals and organizations. He is a team player who is passionate about creating innovative ways to improve technology, education, customer experiences, business partnerships and communities.


Deo has experience working for non-profits, K-12 public and private schools, university-online/traditional campus, government agencies, tech startups, education technology and IoT management and security.


Deo has experience working with Low Income Communities, New Immigrants (from different African, Asian, South American and Middle Eastern countries), Business Executives, School Administrators, Community Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Founders of Companies, Artists, Musicians, Students, Teachers.

Areas of Expertise

Deo focuses on five areas: The Art of Learning Success, Social Awareness and Social Impact, Workforce Diversity and Inclusion,The Creative Art In You, and Maximize Your Potential.

Unique Approach

When delivering presentations and trainings Deo uses different mediums to ignite passions and dreams and transform them into action. He leverages his creativity as a dance performer and storyteller to engage, motivate and help people, organizations and communities take ownership of their aspirations and goals. His unique method of storytelling places his audience center stage. His process enables them to uncover their problems, discover opportunities and develop realistic solutions.   

Challenging organizations and individuals to explore and exploit their own creativity.

Deo challenges organizations and individuals to view the world and solve problems in new and different ways. He expands their awareness of how they see others and view situations. He helps them tap into their creativity by designing unique and authentic solutions. Deo utilizes different creative mediums -- music, dance, drawing/art, and storytelling -- to ignite people by doing, actively engaging them in their own acts of creation.

Deo’s Approach

Deo helps organizations and individuals approach their problems in a playful way through creative mediums. He believes that organizations and individuals have suppressed creative solutioning because it does not align with traditional business processes. As a result, ingenuity and innovation in problem solving are dwindling because everyone is approaching problem-solving process the same old way. His approach is unique because he encourages individuals to dig deeper with creative talents and to utilize them in the everyday solutioning, regardless of their industry or line of work. His exercises help organizations and individuals discover or reignite their creative side in order to integrate new solutions and techniques into their everyday activities.

Deo’s Experience

Education Experiences

Deo has worked at Southern New Hampshire University, building innovative competency-based learning programs for adult learners through employer and community partnerships. He contributed to increasing the scale of the program from 250 students to over 5,000. This experience expanded his ability to develop solutions around the complex issues that prevent organization from moving forward.

Deo has also worked for Motivitis, an edTech company, engaging with K-12 schools and universities nationally that were looking to move to competency-based education. Some of his work entailed evaluating learning models the schools used in order to help them integrate those models into a technology platform.

Tech Start-Up

Most recently Deo was part of an IoT management and security startup called Minim, founded by the former CEO and founder of DYN, and which was sold to Oracle in 2016. As Director of Customer Success and Program Manager, Deo helped establish the go-to market strategy by launching mini pilots to test out the viability of the newly created product. He helped establish the company’s brand in order to acquire the necessary talent to help launch the company to the public. Deo’s unique experiences in working for startups, nonprofits and educational institutions has broadened his experiences developing sustainable solutions and helping organizations align their mission and vision with their employees and customers.


Deo’s unique experiences working with the private sector, non-profits, education institutions and tech startups give him an advantage in understanding the moving parts that contribute to PEOPLE’S SUCCESS. His unique approach separates The BEING (internal) from the DOING (external), by utilizing the mirror approach. This is a unique model in which Deo believes the organization or individual he is working with has the answers to what they need to activate their motivation into action. He helps organizations and individuals manage their SUCCESS DRIVERS in order to reach their potential. He creates a space for the organization or individual to reflect on the different parts of their experiences in order for  to see the reflection of what is happening. Through the reflection, Deo helps them identify the themes and patterns to identify the problem and the solution.


How to get in touch with Deo

Contact Deo through his website or email him directly at Deo is ready to work with you in order to find the best way to move your goals and mission forward. He is flexible and considerate in his pricing in order to make the collaborative engagement happen.