Multicultural Development

Breaking down the walls of separation and discrimination/prejudice by embracing multiculturalism.


Even though we are more globally connected today than ever before, we are still separated.  We protect ourselves by putting up walls -- preferences exclusive to our ways. We do not spend enough time learning from other cultures to demystify our views of them. As a result, those in power provide opportunities only to others who look like themselves and share their ideologies. And so we are held back from maximizing diversity in our organizations, businesses and communities. And we suffer because of it. Embracing multiculturalism brings ingenuity and innovation by introducing different perspectives and experiences into the mix. It creates a stronger and better community where everyone has an opportunity to contribute. This, in turn, gives all participants a sense of ownership and belonging.

Deo working with Pakistani Education delegates.

Deo working with Pakistani Education delegates.

Unique Approach

Provide opportunities for people, organizations and communities to better understand different cultures in order to stimulate more inclusivity and collaboration. Challenge organizations to get out of their comfort zones and build relationships with non-represented cultures within their organizations.

Provide simplified tools to confront false fears by helping to identify areas where personal biases create persecutory perspectives. Deliver tools and strategies to combat the false assumptions that prevent organizations from maximizing diversity. Provide tools for approaching other cultures and building relationships.

What is It?

To break down the walls of separation, we need to attack the mindsets and perceptions that blind us from truly seeing others as equally human. Deo believes that this must start with giving people the benefit of the doubt instead of making judgments based on bias and falsehood. His customized workshops, trainings and keynote presentations are developed collaboratively with clients to ensure that the specific issues facing their unique organization are addressed.

Deo at Ethiopian Community Development Council

Deo at Ethiopian Community Development Council

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