“Working with Deo is always a pleasure. His deep knowledge of local needs and national education movements make him one of my favorite partners. My teams often focus on family and community engagement and the outcomes of Deo’s workshops have always included not only gains in participant knowledge, but deeper connections between participants and their community.”
— Richard Feistman, Ph.D. Teach Plus National Director of Evaluation
“Deo worked with NH HOBY to facilitate a piece of our program where we work to introduce the topic of privilege to high-school sophomores, young leaders from the state of NH. After many years of not feeling like we hit the point home, we were so happy that Deo did this year. His energy, story and ability to engage was unparalleled to any of our internal resources and we were so glad to have brought him in to speak at our seminar.”
— Kate Aiken, Former Director of Program of HOBY NH
“Within the Institute, Mr. Mwano undertook major responsibilities to bridge multicultural issues and to ensure a safe, productive and respectful environment for the Delegation. In order to establish common discourse he brought a deep understanding and sensitivity to the complexities encountered by the delegates. His personal narrative and consummate professionalism also served as inspiration for educators when they returned to Pakistan to implement U.S. training amidst daily realities and challenges. That connectivity continues.”
— Allen Blakeman Director of Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute
Deo Mwano was a visiting artist at the McIninch Art Gallery of Southern New Hampshire University. He contributed vast sums of creative input and advice on how we could include performative art within our education programming. Deo Mwano choreographed four short dances in response to the painting and prints by Philadelphia based painter Didier William. Deo was inspired by the work of Didier William (see website www.didierwilliam.com) whose work considers various ways he identifies with the world as a young queer black Haitian immigrant. Deo’s own experience of being an immigrant from the Congo as well as a dancer whose work has been informed by that identity complimented Didier William’s art. This project was developed after the exhibition of Didier William’s work was planned and installed. Joan Brodsky, an independent director, choreographer and dancer, as well as a member of the advisory board of the McIninch Art Gallery introduced us to Deo as a performance artist who could truly capture the essence of Williams work and facilitated the project we undertook with Deo. We decided to have a closing reception with Deo performing in the gallery. Since we have a small exhibition space it was not possible for us to have a large audience in the gallery. We hired a film maker, John W. Hession, to film Deo’s performance in advance so that we could present his performance in our adjoining theater while also allowing small groups of ten to be in the gallery and watch Deo perform. Please refer to the link showing the full performance. (https://vimeo.com/328647328)
The event allowed us to give our visitors a dual experience of seeing the performance live and seeing it as a pre- recorded film which was presented on a continuous loop so that visitors could have the opportunity to see the entire presentation and reflect on it. Following the performance we held a Q & A with Deo Mwano and Joan Brodksy, moderated by gallery Director, Debbie Disston.
This project which was organized and produced in less than a month, was not only inspirational but it allowed us to see how we could successfully incorporate performance art into the programming of our exhibitions.
— Deborah Disston McIninch Gallery Director at Southern New Hampshire University
“Deo brought an informative, high energy, and inspirational workshop to students during a critical time. We asked for an opportunity for students to learn more, reflect on their own experiences, and identify what they can do to positively impact the culture in their school. Deo did a great job and really engaged students.”
— Michele Holt-Shannon Director of New Hampshire Listens, University of New Hampshire Carsey Center
“There are rare persons who, when we meet them, bring light and energy to our lives; persons who show, almost without speaking, their deep commitment to others. Deo Mwano is such a person. While his personal story is one of strength gained through adversity, his enthusiasm for youth and its potential and for education and its empowering effect is a message he does not just talk about, but truly lives.”
— Stephen Reno Executive Director Leadership New Hampshire, Former Chancellor of University System of NH

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