“There are rare persons who, when we meet them, bring light and energy to our lives; persons who show, almost without speaking, their deep commitment to others. Deo Mwano is such a person. While his personal story is one of strength gained through adversity, his enthusiasm for youth and its potential and for education and its empowering effect is a message he does not just talk about, but truly lives.”
— Stephen Reno Executive Director Leadership New Hampshire, Former Chancellor of University System of NH
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Deo Mwano Consultancy(DMC) is a multi-disciplined company. DMC’s many services include education program design, workforce diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, community building, creative arts performances, keynote speaking, and workshop training and presenting.

For the past 15 years, Deo Mwano Consultancy has worked with a variety of organizations, nationally and locally, as a Speaker/Presenter, Learning Success Services Coach, Inclusivity and Diversity Management Specialist, Live Performer and Choreographer.

DMC designs services, initiatives, campaigns and products that ignite people to engage and connect more effectively and meaningfully. This leads to a competitive advantage for the services and products that businesses and organizations provide. DMC helps organizations solve problems through:

  • program design

  • creative problem solving

  • customer-centered solutioning

  • awareness of perspectives coming from other cultural experiences

  • employee retention

  • information technology

  • employer mission and vision alignment with employees

  • igniting individual and organization creativity

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Corporate Conference, College Speaker, Non-Profit, Technology Conference, Teachers Conference,Workforce Diversity Conference,


Learning Success, Inclusive Workplace,Welcoming Community, Employee Engagement, Customer Success, Program Design,


Choreographer, Dancer, Musician, Storyteller, Tech-Event, Plays, Creative Content for Marketing Campaigns, Event Performer,

“Within the Institute, Mr. Mwano undertook major responsibilities to bridge multicultural issues and to ensure a safe, productive and respectful environment for the Delegation. In order to establish common discourse he brought a deep understanding and sensitivity to the complexities encountered by the delegates. His personal narrative and consummate professionalism also served as inspiration for educators when they returned to Pakistan to implement U.S. training amidst daily realities and challenges. That connectivity continues.”
— Allen Blakeman Director of Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute

Some Organizations and Entities Deo Has Worked With

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Let's Work Together!

Deo leverages his creativity as a choreographer and storyteller to engage, motivate and help people, organizations and communities take ownership of their aspirations and goals through his presentations.