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A gifted creator, performer, presenter and community builder whose unique problem-solving approach focuses on social awareness and social impact, Deo Mwano helps individuals and organizations maximize their potential by shifting how they see and interact with the world around them. His work includes interactive experiences through program design, performing arts, educational workshops, community organizing, innovative technology, organization alignment consultation and keynote presentations. Deo is an inspirational, engaging, relatable presenter who ignites diverse audiences with his work. His talents have been recognized nationally and internationally.

KEYnote Speaker

Corporate Conference, College Speaker, Non-Profit, School Assembly, Fundraiser, Technology Conference, Teachers Conference, E-learning Conference, HR Conference,Workforce Diversity Conference, Student Empowerment Conference


Learning Success, Inclusive Workplace,Welcoming Community, Employee Engagement, Customer Success, Program Design, Student Retention, Employee Retention, New Education Model, Establishing an Online Learning Program, New Product to Market, Refugee Assimilation


Choreographer, Dancer, Musician, Storyteller, School Assembly, Tech-Event, Plays, Creative Content for Marketing Campaigns, Guest Artist Performing Art School, Event Performer, Lunch and Learn

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Deo leverages his creativity as a choreographer and storyteller to engage, motivate and help people, organizations and communities take ownership of their aspirations and goals through his presentations.

Some Organizations and Entities Deo Has Worked With

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