All too often, organizations let their “FEARS” keep them from pursuing their passions. But the very thing that scares organizations is the opportunity they have to make a difference.

Stimulate & Challenge To stimulate more inclusivity and collaboration, Deo Mwano Consultancy offers opportunities for individuals, organizations and communities to better understand the experiences of others.

Identify & Confront DMC’s simplified tools help individuals and organizations identify and confront the false fears that lead to prejudicial perspectives. We deliver tools and strategies to combat the false assumptions that prevent organizations from maximizing their potential.

Collaborate & Customize To break down the walls of separation, DMC attacks the mindsets and perceptions that blind us from truly seeing others as equally human, creative, resourceful and whole. Our workshops, trainings, program designs and keynote presentations are customized through collaboration with our clients.


Learning Success

Design Alliance, Inspire Learning Ownership, Teaching Through Empowerment, Social and Emotional Learning, Coaching for Success

Workforce Success

Inclusive Workplace,Welcoming Community, Employee Engagement, Customer Success, Program Design,

Community Success

Inclusive Community, Tell Your Story, You Belong, Confront Biases ,Listen With Curiosity, Be Receptive, Authentic Exeperiences,


Choreographer, Dancer, Musician, Storyteller, Tech-Event, Plays, Creative Content for Marketing Campaigns, Event Performer,

KEYnote Speaker

Corporate Conference, College Speaker, Non-Profit, Technology Conference, Teachers Conference,Workforce Diversity Conference,

Within the Institute, Mr. Mwano undertook major responsibilities to bridge multicultural issues and to ensure a safe, productive and respectful environment for the Delegation. In order to establish common discourse he brought a deep understanding and sensitivity to the complexities encountered by the delegates. His personal narrative and consummate professionalism also served as inspiration for educators when they returned to Pakistan to implement U.S. training amidst daily realities and challenges. That connectivity continues.
— Allen Blakeman, Director of Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute

Some Organizations and Entities Deo Has Worked With