Community: We Are All Human


We can make the world a better place if we can view those different from ourselves as equally human.


Individuals and organizations prosper when they can identify and confront their personal biases and, as a result, learn to treat those different from themselves with respect. By confronting personal fears influenced by deceptive perspectives, they can learn to see others as equally human.

Unique Approach

  1. Takes people to a place of vulnerability to search deeper and track the root of their biases through reflection and sharing of personal stories.

  2. Provides opportunities to interact with people from other cultures. Provides simple and easy-to-use tools to engage in these tough conversations.

  3. Train people to be open and to listen without making judgments to protect their perspectives.

  4. Provide opportunities for people to ask questions they might otherwise hold back because they fear it would label them as prejudice or racist.

What is it?

An innovative facilitated forum that is held in schools, community organizations, businesses and nonprofits to help people move from defensiveness to open-mindedness, and to confront the personal biases and fears that influence how they treat others. An energetic forum that helps people become better listeners and develop empathy and tolerance towards others by hearing their stories and experiences. In short, to learn to see people of other cultures as equally human

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