Deo Mwano educates and motivates people to grow and to help others. At the same time, he is always open to what others can teach him. As a person who loves challenges, Deo seeks to identify and solve problems for businesses, nonprofit organizations and education institution. He is a team player who is passionate about creating innovative ways to improve technology, education, customer experiences, business partnerships and communities.


Losing Sight of the Big Picture

All too often, individuals/organizations do not follow their passions because they fail to develop the skills they need to turn their passions into a cause and a reality. They get caught up with their everyday responsibilities, tasks and quotas. And they end up lacking the time to broaden their perspectives and knowledge, and limit their ability to see the bigger picture. As a consequence, they feel dissatisfied and unaccomplished, unable to contribute to their world and to leave their mark on it. Their mission withers on the vine. It is Deo Mwano’s mission to change all that. 

Deo leading a workshop at Clark University

Deo leading a workshop at Clark University

Beyond Goals—Turning Passions in Causes

Setting a goal does not by itself create excitement and ignite passion. It requires much more. To begin with, we put the individual/organization in the driver’s seat and help them visualize the road to their goal. Once this is done, they can take ownership of the process. Then, by leveraging the energy behind their pursuit, Deo helps them find ways to integrate their passions into their everyday operations. He helps them turn their passions into a cause. This cause is bigger than a goal because a goal has an end; a cause does not.

Focusing on Four Areas

 Deo focuses on four areas: Education Diversification, Personal Development, Workforce Inclusion and Community Integration. He uses different mediums to deliver presentations/trainings that ignite passions. He leverages his creativity as a choreographer and storyteller to engage, motivate and help people, organizations and communities take ownership of their aspirations and goals. His unique method of storytelling places his audience center stage. His process enables them to uncover their problems, discover opportunities and develop realistic solutions.   

Now is time to take a creative approach that gets results and to develop a strategy for improving the daily functions of your business or nonprofit organization. To learn more, please email us today. Let’s collaborate!

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